How to Achieve Financial Success Even During a Recession

We all agree that these are challenging times. The way we live has been tremendously impacted by the pandemic, and one of the hardest hits in our lives is the way we earn money. Achieving financial success seems impossible in a time of lockdown, limited movement, modified community quarantines and economic recession. We are faced with the risk of losing our source of income as companies are either downsizing or closing down due to the pandemic. 

However, there’s this famous quote by Albert Einstein, “In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity”. We know that online selling blew up during the quarantine period, and with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram adapting to E-commerce  we are given a great opportunity to become our own boss and build small businesses. Teachers, call center agents, even professionals are exploring work from home opportunities. Pivoting our revenue generating income activities online is the best action we can take during this pandemic and onward due to the endless possibilities that the world wide web can offer. 

One of the important pieces of advice that I can offer to aspiring online business owners and workers while building their businesses is to develop their Financial Literacy. Mindset is crucial to ensure financial success. Knowing your relationship with money is an eye-opener. I know this from my experience. For the longest time I have been wondering how I can earn my first million. I imagined myself being free from money worries, but I did not realize that my thoughts and action were not aligned. I was always in debt and had money problems. Until I watched a YouTube video from Jim Rohn in 2018 with the title “How To Take Charge of Your Life”. I was blown away by this question “If you are smart, then why is your bank balance 0?’ Then I realized what he said is true: “ I have enough intelligence, but not enough reasons”.

I started to read books like The 80/20 Principle, Third Edition: The Secret to Achieving More with Less by Richard Koch and Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth by T. Harv Eker. I need to focus on my 20% that brings my 80% of my income. I became selective on how and whom I spend my time with. Focusing on things that matter increased my value which in turn increased my income. From a personal assistant to an entrepreneur building his digital marketing business I became the project manager of that firm in just two years. I started to outsource my Business Plan creation service offering and helped one of my best friends earn extra income too. I also began to invest in things that will appreciate in value, like properties and stocks since they are on sale now due to the pandemic. Reading the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind made me fix my relationship with money. I realize that respect is important to have a happy relationship, and this goes to money, too. In order for money to stay in my life, I have to respect and value it. I need money to help others, which has always been my reason for wanting to be a financial success.

After shifting my mindset by applying the learnings from Jim Rohn, Richard Koch and T. Harv Eker, I am grateful that I recently achieved my 1st million peso annual revenue from working online from home. All the sacrifices, hard and smart working paved off. I am now moving on to achieving my next milestone, which is building a business that will give me passive, residual income for my retirement years.

So if you also want to find Financial Success during this recession, finding an online platform to earn money is the first step, then continue learning and upgrading the way you think. I am grateful that I belong to a Facebook community that always gives training and webinars for personal growth and development. If you want to be a part of the group, please fill up this form and I will send you the details.

Good luck on your journey to Financial Success!!

My Pandemic Experience as a Virtual Business Consultant

I work from home full time for the past five years and became a bit of a recluse, so I resolved to myself to be more sociable in 2020, thus I enrolled in a gym to work out and meet new people. However, on January 25, 2020, international news spewed alarming cases of deadly pneumonia that filled the hospitals in Wuhan, China. A new and deadlier Coronavirus strain was introduced to the whole world. Most people panicked, stocking up on face masks, alcohol, and hand sanitizers. As for me, I shrugged the news off that time, thinking that the virus will not reach the Philippine Islands, or if it will, the tropical climate and humid weather will kill the virus, just like the MERS-COV and SARS virus. But I still follow the news about the virus, which was named COVID 19, however, I was still firm in my belief that the virus will not reach our shores, until March 15, 2020 when cases were rising in Manila, and the lockdown happened. The virus threat became real for me.

What happened in the next two months were like from a movie, “Dante’s Inferno”, “Contagion”, etc. The fiction became real, and I was fearful for my life, my family, especially for my sister who is immune-compromised.  I was holding on to isopropyl alcohol, face masks, cleaning agents and hand sanitizers as if they were a lifeline for myself and my family. I stopped going to the gym and did my Zumba exercises by watching YouTube videos, supported online sellers and bought sweet desserts, and started my mini herb and vegetable garden. Just when I was ready to go out to the “outside world” again, the pandemic broke out and I went back to my usual introverted, reclusive lifestyle. Luckily, my source of income was not affected by the pandemic as I have been earning money from the internet doing business plan and other business consulting services since 2012.

Now that the world is opening again to revive the economy, a “new normal” is happening, where crowded places must be avoided, large parties and events are not allowed, and restaurants should operate at half their capacity. For an introvert like me, the “new normal” is my kind of normal. In a world where being extrovert is rewarded and having many friends and connections means that you are successful, COVID 19 erased all that notion and taught us that what we really need are the basics. It taught us that we need to invest more in our health than in those luxury bags and gadgets, we need a vegetable and herb garden more than those expensive ornamental plants, and all we really need are few genuine friends than many opportunistic acquaintances. I realized that for the past ten years, God has prepared me for this. I nurtured deep and sincere friendships, let go of fake and toxic “friends”, and transitioned to online freelancing helping entrepreneurs fulfill their business goals. My anxiety about the virus has gone down a little, but I am not complacent about it. Now more than ever I appreciate my online work, and grateful that I made the decision years ago to quit my full-time job and became self-employed.

How about you, what is your plan amidst this pandemic? Are you still longing for the materialistic world before the pandemic, or have you accepted the fact that those days are gone and it’s now time to make a shift? Let me know your thoughts by commenting on this blog. 

Valentines Day for A Single, Brave Woman

For a single and unattached woman like me, February 14 was just another day in the calendar. I went about my usual routine, woke up at 6 am, start working on my projects from 10am to 3pm and go to the gym at 5pm. I went to the gym a little bit early as I know that there will be a lot of traffic on the road. True enough, the atmosphere in the city was very alive, I saw lots of flowers, teddy bears and chocolates lugged at the back of the motorcycles, or even hand-carried by men. When I arrived at the gym, I was surprised to see it almost empty. There were only about 8 persons inside it, and only 5 of us joined the cardio toning class. I could hear the movie being shown freely for the lovers dating at the courtyard, but I just ignored it. 

“Single is the new trend nowadays”-Seo Dan of Crash Landing On You

After my workout, I decided to have my dinner at the mall since there’s nobody in our house as the people I’m living with attended a relative’s wake. The mall was abuzz with people, it was like Christmas again! I went straight ahead to my favorite Japanese restaurant since I suddenly craved for a Miso Butter Ramen. As I was walking towards the restaurant, I could see that the adjacent restos are all packed with people, but I was confident that I’d find an empty table at my destination. But alas, to my surprise, my favorite Japanese restaurant that was always almost empty every time I get my ramen fix, was almost full! So I was standing at the entrance, with my mouth open in awe, and suddenly found myself at a dilemma. “Should I go in, or should I just order food to go? But I don’t want to go home to an empty house and eat alone, and besides, I’m hungry.” I hesitated for a while, then I heard my tummy grumble, and my hunger pangs won over my indecisiveness. Mustering all my courage walked inside the resto with confidence and asked the waitress where she could accommodate me. She asked, “Are you with someone Mam?” I said, “No, it’s just me”, and she directed me to a seat at the center of the restaurant. I sat down, gave my order, and while I was waiting for it to arrive, I got my phone and nonchalantly checked my social media accounts while stealthily observing the diners. One table was made up of 3-4 matured women, who kept on asking the waitress for their orders, saying that they are waiting for so long and they are hungry. A couple in their twenties entered the restaurant looking tired from walking, asking for a table, and flopping immediately onto the seat located at the back of the restaurant. It was the first time in 4 years that I have been frequenting the place to see the other half of the restaurant being used for guests. I can hear the waitresses and frantic voices, shouting orders to the kitchen and giving instructions to each other. It was a crazy, busy time and couples, families kept coming in until the restaurant was fully occupied, and I was the only person dining alone. 

My order came, not longer than 15 minutes, and I savored my favorite comfort food, eating alone and enjoying my solitude around the hustle-bustle of the restaurant, grateful that it didn’t take them long to prepare my meal. I thought to myself “If I were with someone, a friend or perhaps a boyfriend, it would probably take time to have our order, leaving us frustrated and hungry which for sure will destroy the mood of the day.” After paying for my order, I stood up and walked out of the restaurant feeling proud of myself for being brave to dine alone on Valentine’s day. It felt so liberating to be able to go against the norm on Valentine’s day, where single and unattached women are perceived to be depressed and lonely, staying home, wallowing in self-pity. As I was walking outside the mall, I promised to myself to do the same routine on Valentine’s Day. Go to the gym, have a killer workout, dine alone, and since it’s love day, I will love my simply awesome and joyful single life.

Crash Landing on You Afterthoughts

Last December 2019 I started following the Kdrama series Crash Landing On You out of boredom. I thought that it’s just going to be the usual romcom Kdrama, where the characters will make sure that their acting will make your heart flutter. I was entertained at the beginning and began to love the lead and supporting characters, Yoon Se-ri, Capt. Ri and especially the North Korean Special Forces and the ahjummas neighbors. The drama showed a glimpse of North Korea’s life, and somehow it made me sad to think that there are still people living oppressed with their freedom in these modern times. The second half of the drama where the North Korean soldiers were able to go to South Korea and got to experience the modern amenities for the first time is just so sad. They were deprived for most of their lives and to think that modern comforts is within their reach is heart wrenching. It made me wish fervently that reunification between North and South will happen soon. I pray the I can witness that in this lifetime.

Iseltwald Switzerland Crash Landing On You Location

We were all rooting for a happy ending when the series was going into the finale. I know that the writer and producer will give what the fans want, as the series was getting hugely popular. They did give us the happy ending we clamored for, but sadly, not to all the characters. The 2nd lead character’s fate was not what I was expecting. I enjoyed watching Seung-joon’s transformation from being a con man into a man with a kinder heart (helping Capt.Ri send Seri back home) and wanting to be a better man worthy of Seo Dan’s love. The scene that touched me most between the two characters was when Seung-joon was assuring Seo Dan that she has all the qualities of a woman who deserved to be loved after she was feeling insecure when she learned that Capt. Ri went to South Korea to protect Seri. I also hoped for a happy ending between these two, but I guess that the writers thought that fans shouldn’t get greedy and just gave us one happy ending.

But on second thought, Seo Dan CHOOSING to be single for the rest of her life after Seung-joon’s death is not a SAD ending after all. She is a strong, independent and successful woman who has experienced true love with Seung-joon who gave his life to protect her. I guess Seung-joon set the bar too high when it comes to loving someone and that kind of love comes only once in a lifetime, so why would she settle for less? Watching how Seo Dan owned her life in the finale made me proud of her, and to all the single women out there who are bravely walking this earth alone but not lonely, and living their lives to the fullest. You got this all the single ladies!

Self Limiting Beliefs and How to Overcome Them

Breaking my self-limiting beliefs takes GRIT.

I just attended Leadership Bootcamp over the weekend and there are so many takeaways and realizations that I discovered during the two-day personal development training and seminar. Being an introvert and mostly with low self-esteem for most of life, going to events like this used to scare me so much, that sometimes I back out at the last moment. I recall during my high school days that I was eager to join my friends to become an officer in the COCC and must undergo the training but at the last moment I chickened out, because I was afraid of the strenuous exercises that I will go through and the humiliation that I will be enduring from the officers during the training. These self-limiting beliefs were the reasons I backed out and watched my friends become officers during our 4th year while I belong to the private class. At that time I consoled myself with the saying “We can’t all be heroes, somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by.” I consoled myself with this quote, as I become that somebody clapping for my friends as they become officers in the COCC.

Despite not being able to pursue the COCC officership during my senior year in high school, I made another goal, and that is to enter the most prestigious university in the Philippines. And so I prepared and studied hard, and my mind was focused on my goal, and never did I take other tests to other universities. With hard work, I passed the entrance exam and was so elated when I received the letter from the University and the instructions on how to enroll, calendar of the activities and the map of the University. I imagined myself walking from the dormitory to the classrooms. However, my father didn’t allow me to go to that university, which devastated me.

After that incident, I lost faith in myself and had to console again with the quote “We can’t all be heroes, somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by.” My self-limiting belief that I am that somebody who will just sit and clap for heroes was affirmed again that time. But still, I yearn to become a hero. So despite not being able to go to the top university that I wanted and went to a local State University, I made another goal, and that is to graduate with honors to make my parents, especially my father proud. Again, I studied hard, and with sheer determination, I became a full academic scholar by 3rd year in college. During my last year in college, I focused hard on achieving my goal of graduating with honors. However, according to calculation, I didn’t reach the required GPA to graduate cum laude, and so I just settled with that fact and looked forward to just to graduate. Then, during the graduating class assembly, to my chagrin, it was announced that I belong to the candidates for honors. Now all of my friends started congratulating me which made me pressured to really graduate as cum laude. Since the final grades were not yet in, I started to pursue my teachers and ask for my grade before they submit them to the registrar and see if I could really reach the required GPA to graduate as cum laude There was one teacher, a tough one, who was very elusive until final grades were sent it. I didn’t reach the GPA for cum laude needed. I was devastated again, and my final years in college was full of disappointment. I promised to redeem myself during the CPA board exam, which I also failed twice.

My working years were also full of failures, like not being accepted to my dream job, and failed relationships. The list is quite long, and while I am writing this blog, I came to realize, why am I still hung up on these failures? I also have successes, and so I made this comparison of my failures and successes:


  1. Did not go to the top university I want despite passing the entrance exam
  2. Did not reach the GPA needed to graduate as cum laude
  3. Did not pass the CPA Board Exam
  4. Was not accepted at the job that I really prayed for
  5. Failed relationships


  1. I was able to gain full academic scholarship during my college years
  2. Brave enough to quit my 9-5 job and become self-employed at 44 years old
  3. Walked away from bad decisions that I made in life
  4. Achieved Top Rated Status in Upwork which brings in projects paid in US dollars, working only 4-5 hours per day
  5. Being able to outsource my work and expand my business consultancy business

Then something struck me, in order for me to breakthrough in my other project that will create high-quality income, how about I focus on my successes instead of my failures? I know there are times that I am the hero of my life, how about if I relive those moments? I will not dwell on the times I failed and why, but focus on the times that I succeeded and how. By focusing on how I succeeded, I can duplicate the process on this project that will give me financial freedom for the rest of my life.

Failures are part of my journey in life. They happen so that I can learn from them. It now depends on me if I take away the lessons, and start over again and avoid the mistakes, or I just give in to my self-limiting belief that I am that somebody who sits on the curb and clap as heroes goes by. This time I will crush this self-limiting belief. I will stand up, stop clapping for somebody else, be a hero and walk my own parade.

My Journey To Wellness

After two colleagues of mine suddenly passed away due to hypertension and diabetes, I took a long hard look at myself and was suddenly aware of my mortality. I am now 43 years old, where they say symptoms of diseases would usually start to show, and I noticed that I am expanding in the middle area, my face getting rounder, and I can feel that I am getting heavier. At work I feel sluggish and I easily get tired. Despite my 10 minutes yoga every morning and one hour cardio thrice a week in the hope that I’d lose weight, the reverse happened, and I gained 2 kilos. Waking up each morning and looking at the mirror always left me feeling frustrated and disappointed with myself. How did I let this happen?

I realized that if I will not do something about it now, I might end up fat and sick with hypertension and diabetes too. I became afraid and resolved to take control of my health and took on a journey to wellness.

Good thing I came to know about mindful eating. Eating fruits and vegetables first, quantity of rice should be the size of your palm, and lean pork, chicken, beef and fish the size of your fist. Steamed, grilled and boiled are the perfect way to cook food, and most importantly, avoid sweets, limit salt and carbs. I started eating the right food, and followed portion and sequential eating for a month. I started this journey to wellness last September 20, 2014 and after one month I could wear my Slim Fit Tshirt again and I realized that I am witnessing  the effect of the lifestyle change I did a month ago  and so I eagerly weighed in the OMRON machine tonight and I was elated by the results! Below are my comparative stats on September 20 and October 21, 2014:

                                      Sept 20, 2014 Weigh In                    October 20, 2014 Weigh In

Weight                                       55.6 kilos                                        53.9 kilos

Body Fat                                     36.1                                               35.2

Visceral Fat                                  5.0                                                 4.0

RM                                             1177                                              1155

BMI                                            22.6                                               21.7

Body Age                                    48                                                  46

Muscle                                        22.8                                               23.1 

After one month I lost 1.7 kilos,visceral fat down by 1, body fat decreased by 1, body age decreased from 48 to46, and I gained muscles! This is absolutely amazing! After months of trying so damn hard to lose weight, I am finally getting results! I am looking forward tomy second month of my wellness journey and optimistic that I will achieve myideal body weight of 52 kilos.

This journey to wellness is not about being vain or selfish. I really want to take care of myself because I want to live the life that I want, to be healthy and fit, and happy. Because if I have all these, then I will have the energy to help my family more, use money for charities rather than on my hospitalization due to sickness and buying maintenance medicines, and be a blessing to others who might also take on their own journey to wellness. It is possible, take it from me.


BTW, I didn’t have time to do Zumba or Yoga on my one month journey and still lost 1.7 kilos and gained muscles. 🙂

If you would like to know the supplements I took and the healthy meal I followed, please send me a message at Whatsapp +639952863438.

How I Became A Business Consultant Working Online

Let me tell you my story on how I started earning income online. It was 2010 when the water refilling station where I worked with as an Operator was “sequestered” by the owner’s brother which left me out in the cold. After building the business for only two months where I got customers and distributors, the brother decided to take over the business which made me jobless. At that time I had no savings, so being unemployed was like death. However, I had always wondered if my penchant for surfing the internet and reading articles or shopping online would also become a revenue-generating activity for me. So without any clue, I just made my research on how to make money through the internet and I found out that you can do so with article writing. At that time, the rate was $2 per 500-word article. I found a job post through Craiglist, applied, and luckily I was hired! After a paid test article, I was in, I need to turn in 5 500 word articles per day. I set up my own Paypal account and was so ecstatic when I got an email saying “You got paid!”. I went into my Paypal, and there lo and behold, I got P200 for the test articles that I sent. I couldn’t believe my eyes, and it was so surreal for me knowing that my writing skills could make me money! And dollars at that!

Fast forward, because I was still looking for stability, I decided to take on a full-time day job as a Sales and Marketing Manager, but I kept my online article writing as a side gig. I was “promoted” to being a Virtual Assistant where I got paid $200 per month doing article writing, creating video slideshows and submitting content, However, after a year the company went on to another venture and so I left the online work for a year and focused on my day job.

After a year of hiatus from the online work side gig, I was bored and restless and wanted to do something productive again with the internet. So I decided to try oDesk, one of the most premier freelancing sites, and consistently submitted proposals for the next three months. oDesk (now Upwork) is a tough nut to crack, I almost gave up on it because it took me so long to get hired, however, I persisted in submitting my proposals, fine-tune my profile, took the tests and had my account verified. I invested in a lot of time building my Upwork Profile and taking the tests, until after three months, I landed on my first project. And the rest is history.

In November of 2015, after three years of doing Upwork part-time, I decided to leave my day job to become a full-time freelancer in Upwork. I doubled my income, lessened my expenses (transportation, food, etc) and I work flexible hours. Right now I am building my online business leading to passive, residual income for my retirement. My goal is to create multiple income streams using the internet. This is the future. According to research Social Selling will become even bigger in the coming years, online stores will replace brick and mortar stores, and selling will be done through networking and buying from people you trust.

If you are looking for an additional income stream using the internet, then reach out to me. It is time to become a producer instead of a consumer. Instead of being the targeted, be the hunter. Change the way you spend your time on social media. Be the hunter and earn extra money. Extra money to pay the bills. put food on the table, for vacation, or savings for an emergency like sickness in the family. Nowadays, it is a crime to be a leech, freeloader, Give yourself some dignity and be self-sufficient. Be resourceful. Work smart. It can be done. Take it from me.

If you are looking for a Business Plan Expert, Social Media Management or Project Management visit my Upwork Profile: Loida Dofiles