Crash Landing on You Afterthoughts

Last December 2019 I started following the Kdrama series Crash Landing On You out of boredom. I thought that it’s just going to be the usual romcom Kdrama, where the characters will make sure that their acting will make your heart flutter. I was entertained at the beginning and began to love the lead and supporting characters, Yoon Se-ri, Capt. Ri and especially the North Korean Special Forces and the ahjummas neighbors. The drama showed a glimpse of North Korea’s life, and somehow it made me sad to think that there are still people living oppressed with their freedom in these modern times. The second half of the drama where the North Korean soldiers were able to go to South Korea and got to experience the modern amenities for the first time is just so sad. They were deprived for most of their lives and to think that modern comforts is within their reach is heart wrenching. It made me wish fervently that reunification between North and South will happen soon. I pray the I can witness that in this lifetime.

Iseltwald Switzerland Crash Landing On You Location

We were all rooting for a happy ending when the series was going into the finale. I know that the writer and producer will give what the fans want, as the series was getting hugely popular. They did give us the happy ending we clamored for, but sadly, not to all the characters. The 2nd lead character’s fate was not what I was expecting. I enjoyed watching Seung-joon’s transformation from being a con man into a man with a kinder heart (helping Capt.Ri send Seri back home) and wanting to be a better man worthy of Seo Dan’s love. The scene that touched me most between the two characters was when Seung-joon was assuring Seo Dan that she has all the qualities of a woman who deserved to be loved after she was feeling insecure when she learned that Capt. Ri went to South Korea to protect Seri. I also hoped for a happy ending between these two, but I guess that the writers thought that fans shouldn’t get greedy and just gave us one happy ending.

But on second thought, Seo Dan CHOOSING to be single for the rest of her life after Seung-joon’s death is not a SAD ending after all. She is a strong, independent and successful woman who has experienced true love with Seung-joon who gave his life to protect her. I guess Seung-joon set the bar too high when it comes to loving someone and that kind of love comes only once in a lifetime, so why would she settle for less? Watching how Seo Dan owned her life in the finale made me proud of her, and to all the single women out there who are bravely walking this earth alone but not lonely, and living their lives to the fullest. You got this all the single ladies!

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