My Journey To Wellness

After two colleagues of mine suddenly passed away due to hypertension and diabetes, I took a long hard look at myself and was suddenly aware of my mortality. I am now 43 years old, where they say symptoms of diseases would usually start to show, and I noticed that I am expanding in the middle area, my face getting rounder, and I can feel that I am getting heavier. At work I feel sluggish and I easily get tired. Despite my 10 minutes yoga every morning and one hour cardio thrice a week in the hope that I’d lose weight, the reverse happened, and I gained 2 kilos. Waking up each morning and looking at the mirror always left me feeling frustrated and disappointed with myself. How did I let this happen?

I realized that if I will not do something about it now, I might end up fat and sick with hypertension and diabetes too. I became afraid and resolved to take control of my health and took on a journey to wellness.

Good thing I came to know about mindful eating. Eating fruits and vegetables first, quantity of rice should be the size of your palm, and lean pork, chicken, beef and fish the size of your fist. Steamed, grilled and boiled are the perfect way to cook food, and most importantly, avoid sweets, limit salt and carbs. I started eating the right food, and followed portion and sequential eating for a month. I started this journey to wellness last September 20, 2014 and after one month I could wear my Slim Fit Tshirt again and I realized that I am witnessing  the effect of the lifestyle change I did a month ago  and so I eagerly weighed in the OMRON machine tonight and I was elated by the results! Below are my comparative stats on September 20 and October 21, 2014:

                                      Sept 20, 2014 Weigh In                    October 20, 2014 Weigh In

Weight                                       55.6 kilos                                        53.9 kilos

Body Fat                                     36.1                                               35.2

Visceral Fat                                  5.0                                                 4.0

RM                                             1177                                              1155

BMI                                            22.6                                               21.7

Body Age                                    48                                                  46

Muscle                                        22.8                                               23.1 

After one month I lost 1.7 kilos,visceral fat down by 1, body fat decreased by 1, body age decreased from 48 to46, and I gained muscles! This is absolutely amazing! After months of trying so damn hard to lose weight, I am finally getting results! I am looking forward tomy second month of my wellness journey and optimistic that I will achieve myideal body weight of 52 kilos.

This journey to wellness is not about being vain or selfish. I really want to take care of myself because I want to live the life that I want, to be healthy and fit, and happy. Because if I have all these, then I will have the energy to help my family more, use money for charities rather than on my hospitalization due to sickness and buying maintenance medicines, and be a blessing to others who might also take on their own journey to wellness. It is possible, take it from me.


BTW, I didn’t have time to do Zumba or Yoga on my one month journey and still lost 1.7 kilos and gained muscles. 🙂

If you would like to know the supplements I took and the healthy meal I followed, please send me a message at Whatsapp +639952863438.

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