How I Became A Business Consultant Working Online

Let me tell you my story on how I started earning income online. It was 2010 when the water refilling station where I worked with as an Operator was “sequestered” by the owner’s brother which left me out in the cold. After building the business for only two months where I got customers and distributors, the brother decided to take over the business which made me jobless. At that time I had no savings, so being unemployed was like death. However, I had always wondered if my penchant for surfing the internet and reading articles or shopping online would also become a revenue-generating activity for me. So without any clue, I just made my research on how to make money through the internet and I found out that you can do so with article writing. At that time, the rate was $2 per 500-word article. I found a job post through Craiglist, applied, and luckily I was hired! After a paid test article, I was in, I need to turn in 5 500 word articles per day. I set up my own Paypal account and was so ecstatic when I got an email saying “You got paid!”. I went into my Paypal, and there lo and behold, I got P200 for the test articles that I sent. I couldn’t believe my eyes, and it was so surreal for me knowing that my writing skills could make me money! And dollars at that!

Fast forward, because I was still looking for stability, I decided to take on a full-time day job as a Sales and Marketing Manager, but I kept my online article writing as a side gig. I was “promoted” to being a Virtual Assistant where I got paid $200 per month doing article writing, creating video slideshows and submitting content, However, after a year the company went on to another venture and so I left the online work for a year and focused on my day job.

After a year of hiatus from the online work side gig, I was bored and restless and wanted to do something productive again with the internet. So I decided to try oDesk, one of the most premier freelancing sites, and consistently submitted proposals for the next three months. oDesk (now Upwork) is a tough nut to crack, I almost gave up on it because it took me so long to get hired, however, I persisted in submitting my proposals, fine-tune my profile, took the tests and had my account verified. I invested in a lot of time building my Upwork Profile and taking the tests, until after three months, I landed on my first project. And the rest is history.

In November of 2015, after three years of doing Upwork part-time, I decided to leave my day job to become a full-time freelancer in Upwork. I doubled my income, lessened my expenses (transportation, food, etc) and I work flexible hours. Right now I am building my online business leading to passive, residual income for my retirement. My goal is to create multiple income streams using the internet. This is the future. According to research Social Selling will become even bigger in the coming years, online stores will replace brick and mortar stores, and selling will be done through networking and buying from people you trust.

If you are looking for an additional income stream using the internet, then reach out to me. It is time to become a producer instead of a consumer. Instead of being the targeted, be the hunter. Change the way you spend your time on social media. Be the hunter and earn extra money. Extra money to pay the bills. put food on the table, for vacation, or savings for an emergency like sickness in the family. Nowadays, it is a crime to be a leech, freeloader, Give yourself some dignity and be self-sufficient. Be resourceful. Work smart. It can be done. Take it from me.

If you are looking for a Business Plan Expert, Social Media Management or Project Management visit my Upwork Profile: Loida Dofiles

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